Krystek’s kids martial arts: Making Black Belts in life!!!

Krystek’s thoughtful, curriculum-based youth judo classes empower children to build confidence, resiliency, and develop lasting friendships. Our classes teach children self respect, focus and foster all the necessary life skills they need to grow into mature, well-rounded, engaged members of their communities.

Krystek provides our young students the tangibility of the power of hard work and determination. We provide students with the tools they need to feel safe and secure as we build a foundation for their achievement. Student promotions are not taken lightly. Our students earn stripes and belts based on their hard work and dedication and not by paid promotions. As our students continue to learn new martial arts skills, their ranks are earned through disciplined practice to build real confidence- a confidence that allows our students to step out into the world and tackle new challenges confidently.


C.R.A.W.L. Parent & Toddler Martial Arts Program:

The primary goal of the program is to help instill important values in the next generation through the sport of judo while creating a strong sense of community. C.R.A.W.L. stands for: Confidence, Respect, Awareness, Willpower, & Leadership.

Little ones make friends, have fun, and build confidence through play-based learnin.

  • Increase attention span and awareness
  • Build motor skills
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Teach sharing and social skills
  • Ease the anxiety of parent separation
  • Judo classes designed specifically for children ages 2-4 years old.


  • Judo classes designed specifically for children ages 4.5-6 years old. 
  • Students learn the fundamentals of Judo along with discipline, focus and respect.
  • Our classes build your child’s agility, flexibility and coordination – all while having fun!